The Future of Farming: Smart Robots

via Fast.Co:

One of Harvest Automation’s new nursery bots can work 10 hours a day for $40—a lot less than even an illegal worker might get for the same job. And, as an employer, you have no issues with sickness, or slacking-off, or immigration checks; and you don’t need to provide breaks, or restrooms. The bot just gets on with it, slowly moving pots from one area to another, no back-chat, no nonsense. […] Four companies have bought the bots since they were released last year; about 30 are now operating. They cost $30,000 each, but are designed to run for at least five years (10,000 hours). And Kawola says they are easy to program. The operator sets up an area between reflective tape laid on the ground, chooses between about five parameters on the user interface—the length of the bed, spacing, and so on—and just points the bot to where it needs to go.

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    Since these robots are made to replace workers, even illegal ones due to the fact that they are so cheap, can they also...
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    No health care costs unless obamcare covers these as undocumented American robot workers. If they don’t pay taxes is it...
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