TNW: You closed your TEDx Athens talk with the message ‘Re:code//Greece’. How do you think the European startup ecosystem can make a difference and help Europe get out of the crisis stronger and more united?

Steve Vranakis: Europe is already producing some of the worlds biggest and most cutting edge technology (just look at the Airbus A380!) Countries like Greece need to include IP and digital ideas on their list of exports. We have an incredibly skilled and educated labor force that just needs the environment to be put in place to help start and grow these types of companies. The beauty with tech startups I that if their idea is good enough it travels easily around the world. It takes a slight shift in thinking to go from what Negroponte called a few years back ‘atoms to bits’. The recent crisis is both an economic as well as cultural one. We need to feel comfortable with technology playing a key part of the Greek society and economy and feel confident in producing it. (via Google’s Steve Vranakis: Technology Should Be a Tool and a Toy)

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