“I’m pretty sure that we’re the fastest growing company ever in terms of new users, that’s not growing virally or paying for new customers.”

That’s how Evernote CEO Phil Libin describes his company.

Put that down as a vague, difficult-to-measure honor if you like, but as the company rolls out its new business-focused product and an expanded Ambassador program – not to mention a new $85m funding round and eyes on an “inevitable” IPO in the future, Libin has reason to be bullish about his company’s lot in life.

A year on from our last LeWeb chat with him, I caught up with Libin at this week’s conference in Paris to take stock of this much-loved company’s growth. Now boasting more than 45 million users acquired through word of mouth, Evernote isn’t sitting back and new initiatives likeEvernote Business, launched this week, could well pull in an even larger user base for the service.

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