An example given by Facebook is if Yoda has “Liked” several pages, such as Darth Vader, the Empire, and the Rebel Alliance. Based on three specific criteria, Yoda might see relevant content at the top of his News Feed from Darth Vader and the Rebel Alliance pages, but not necessarily from the Empire. So what is the criteria that Facebook uses to determine what content is more prominent than the other? First, its algorithm looks at the reaction by the user to the publisher: how interested is Yoda, in this example, be to understand that in the Vader page, there was content that listed Luke as Vader’s son (sorry if I ruined the movie for you). The next thing that’s looked at is the reaction by other people to the post: have the Emperor and Leia responded to the post and what is their relationship to Yoda. Lastly, Facebook looks at how people reacted to other “relationship” stories.
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