Projecteo, a miniature projector for showing off all of your favorite Instagram photos, has been launched on Kickstarter today. The product itself comes in two parts; the projector, which looks about the size of a paper clip, and a slide wheel for alternating between nine images. What’s novel about Projecto is that everything about it is analogue. So rather than simply projecting a digital image, users would log into the Projecteo website, authorise their Instagram account and then select nine of their favourite images. Projecteo then develops these onto a piece of 35mm Kodak film stock, just like in the old days, before then posting it back to you as a slide wheel. (via Projecto hits Kickstarter to show off your favorite Instagram images using a tiny analogue projector - The Next Web)

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    Projecteo aparece en Kickstarter para mostrar tus imágenes favoritas de Instagram utilizando un proyector analógico...
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