How will the industry look like in 5 years?
I believe that in five years you will be dead unless you provide great mobile services. When we launched the Tripomatic iPhone app, we assumed that people would plan their trips on a computer and use their phone to check the itinerary or the map on the go. We were pretty surprised when our users started using the app mostly for travel planning even though it is not as convenient as the website. We have learned that you have to offer the full package on mobile devices. Users will not settle for an app with restricted functionality and in five years they will probably be even more demanding. Platform and device fragmentation are currently the main reasons holding back the mobile boom. Building for five and more platforms adds so much complexity and cost. I expect further consolidation on the market as some will fail to hop on the trend and ultimately lose. It is hard enough for a travel startup now and it will be even harder as the entrance barriers are rising.
Interview with Barbora Novosadova from Tripomatic, the winner of the last API Mashup Contest (of which I am the organiser). Tripomatic not only combines great APIs but also makes money thanks to a good knowledge of online travel trends. Unless you go mobile, your online travel business will be dead in five years - The Next Web
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